Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Get Her BackSo, we’ve already covered a few of the things to say to your girlfriend to get her back. What I’ve shared so far is really just the tip of the iceberg as far as tips and tricks to get her back.

We’ve already talked about the importance of accepting responsibility and apologizing. FOR WHAT!?!? Well, it doesn’t really matter for what. If she feels you are in the wrong and you want her back, then you need to acknowledge how she feels and respond accordingly.


If she things you are to blame, arguing that its not your fault isn’t going to win her back. Ever.

Let’s take an example.

She thinks you are irresponsible because you lost your job.

The truth is you saw your boss doing something illegal and so he fired you.

Let’s say she doesn’t believe you. (I’m making this all up anyway!)

You can argue and explain and make her madder, which will not win her back.


You can say ‘You’re right. Responsible people need to have a job. I’m sorry.’

Notice how carefully crafted that response is. Isn’t it true? Don’t responsible people need jobs? Aren’t you sorry for this entire tragic situation?

This response is both sincere and it makes her feel good. It both acknowledges how she feels and takes responsibility.

Let’s take another example.

Let’s say you talked to your EX EX girlfriend and that’s why you broke up with your EX girl friend.

There are things to say to your girlfriend to get her back even in this bad scenario. (Actually sometimes they can be the best ways to get your ex girlfriend back).

She is thinking that you, dissed her, she now doubts your integrity and thinks that you are dumb. She also probably thinks that she deserves better.

What do you say to your girlfriend to get her back?

Its very simple.

You say “You probably feel dissed. I’m sorry for that. Your probably wondering if you can trust me and you probably think you deserve better. The truth is you do. I’m sorry.”

Do you see how difficult it is to stay mad with that answer?

There is one basic principle we are looking at here. It’s called my ‘throw cold water on the fight’ method.

When someone says, “You are so thoughtless!” and you respond with “You’re right. I was thoughtless. I’m sorry.” Where is the fight now? You just doused the flames and made huge strides toward getting what YOU want. The truth is, if you are honest with yourself, you probably were thoughtless. And if it wasn’t THIS time, it was last time!

It’s nearly impossible to keep fighting in cold water.

Of course, pride often makes us want to say “No, I’m not thoughtless, YOU ARE!”

That is not one of the things to say to your girlfriend to get her back, it’s not even close.

What do you really want? To be right and win? Or to get your girlfriend back?

So, you want things to say to your girlfriend to get her back?

Agree and say your sorry.

Cold water wins again.

See you soon!

P.S – here is also one nice video with more ideas on things that you can say to your girlfriend to get her back. If you are looking for more unconventional ideas then check out the EX2 System book.