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How To Make Your Ex Want You Again – Few Things To Remember


Happy woman embracing manThis subject of how to make your ex want you again is actually fairly easy! Doesn’t that make you jump for joy? It should, because all you need to do is apply these few tips and you’ll make your ex’s eyes shine for you all over again!

For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to assume that you didn’t commit any major faux pas, that is, any major violation of your ex’s trust or moral value. I’ll just assume that you broke up over life in general or one of life’s common road bumps. Stay tuned for another post that will deal with how to save a relationship after cheating. For now, we’ll get right down to the basics of how to make your ex want you again.

The first thing to remember is that love is an emotion and it’s almost never based on logic or reason. Sometimes reason can even get in the way of love! So, remember that the answer to how to make your ex want you again is not based on reason, but rather on pure emotion.

The human brain is really amazing. After all, what is an emotion? How does the brain tell you how to feel? What is the difference between anger and love? The answer lies in a brain code called sub modalities, which I will not explain in much depth in this post.

In short, a sub modality tells us how to feel. Its like a category of code. This code is always the same, however the subject of the code can be categorized differently fairly easily.

So, if your brain code for what you love is ‘123’ and your code for disdain is ‘987,’ you can imagine these codes like buckets and the objects of the buckets can be shifted, either at will or by accident. This brain ‘code’ is the key element of how to make your ex want you again.

At one time, YOU were in your ex’s ‘want’ bucket, along with perhaps chocolate and a few other items. Somehow, your ex put you in a different ‘bucket,’ causing their brain to tell them to feel differently.

This is how to make your ex want you again.

In private, remember a time that your ex was super hot over you. Try to remember this in as much detail as possible. Take notes if you need to.

Then you need to talk to your ex. In person is best, but on the phone will work. As you talk, spend about 3-5 minutes describing the memory. Be very careful to keep this a neutral memory! Do NOT add why it was great for YOU! The point of this exercise is for your ex to access THEIR brain code for desire. You don’t know what exactly it is, so keep to physical aspects, the lighting, the surroundings, the context as much as possible.

After 3-5 minutes, ask your ex to imagine that they still felt like that NOW. This will cause a blink of recoding. You then ask them to imagine that they still felt like that a week from now.

This tip for how to make your ex want you again is just the tip of the iceberg, I have tons more! So stay tuned to future posts!

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Best Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 3 Great Ways


Best Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackOK, I know you are feeling a little desperate. You’re probably looking for the magic words that will fix the biggest mistake of your life. You don’t want to lose all of the time that you have invested in the relationship..err…EX relationship.

What are the magic words, what are the best ways to get ex girlfriend back? Are there things to say to your girlfriend to get her back?

Of course, there are lots of ways, there are tons of things that you can do and say and here we will talk about the best ways to get ex girlfriend back.

Without knowing all of the gory details about WHY she is your ex, we are just going to stick to a few basic principles.

1. Most break ups happen because someone feels misunderstood.

2. Break ups happen because someone did something stupid, wrong or hurtful (and hopefully not all three at the same time!).

3. Someone has already moved on.

For the sake of arguing, let’s say that YOU don’t feel any way that we mentioned above, let’s say your EX feels one or even all three of the above.

So, what are the best ways to get your ex girlfriend back?

For point number one, trying saying this: “I want to understand how you feel. Can you explain in to me so that I can understand you?” Often, this opens up the door to a conversation, which many times is what a women want s to hear. Additionally, as preventative medicine, you should probably try saying the above statement at least once a week!

For point number two, the best thing to say to get your ex girl friend back is this “I am so sorry. I was stupid. That was dumb. There is no excuse for ***.” Taking 100% of the responsibility is KEY here. No matter what the situation, there is SOMETHING that you are truly, 100% sorry for. Even though you may feel that the blame is mutual, that is method NOT on the list of the best ways to get ex girlfriend back. Just keep what you are truly sorry for in mind when you apologize. In fact, by putting the blame on her, your likely to just reinforce her choice to leave!

For point number three, the best thing, may the only thing that you can do is to bring up the good times that you had in the past, as many as you can (Matt Huston gives a lot of good examples that you should try in his EX2 System guide). Its also helpful if you can remind her of future goals and things that you had planned together at one time. Awakening sentiment may cause her to miss you and cause her to come back.

Keep in mind that forcing her return will only drive her farther away. You can’t force anyone to do anything. You can only persuade and hope they want to follow.

Be sincere, and let your apologies (if necessary!) ring true!

I hope that this post on the best ways to get your ex girlfriend back will truly help you to get her back soon.

Stay tuned for more great advice in my next post!

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