Get Your Girlfriend Back After You Cheated On HerIf you want to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you here are 7 steps that you must follow:

1. SLOW DOWN! If you have just broken up with his girlfriend, and want to get her back, you’ll be getting her ​​unusual reaction. In the end, your routine has been taken from you, and it pushes you out of your comfort zone. But running back to ex – without a plan – it will not do you any favors, and at worst, it can ruin your chances to revive the relationship, so force yourself to slow down and take a little time, to reflect.

2. Ask yourself: Do I really want to get my ex back? Be honest with yourself – no one else is in your head with you, so that the only person you’re kidding, not being completely honest, is yourself. Think hard about this question, because the wrong answer could cost you a lot of time (months or years), that you will never be able to return. Be sure you understand the difference between wanting your ex girlfriend back and MISSING communication. This is very important. Keep asking yourself this question, until it is not clear.

3. Consider the quality of your relationship. If you decide in the previous step, it is really your ex that you do not miss out, and some other companies simply will not do, and then think about your relationship with the former: it was a healthy, fulfilling relationship? Or it was stormy, argue with the matter? It is extremely important to your quality of life – and perhaps even to longevity – so take it very serious.

Even if you miss your ex, or you think you want to get your ex back if the relationship was not good or healthy for you, then you should seriously consider the rejection of your plan: There are over 6 billion people on this planet, in your town (or city) alone there are probably dozens, or hundreds, if not thousands, of suitable partners for you, so there is no excuse for putting up with second-class behavior from anyone.

4. If after all these thoughts you have decided that you really want your ex back, then it’s time to get a plan. Shortly after the collapse, many people have knee-jerk and run back to their girlfriend pleading for a second chance. In many cases it does not work.

Drawback is simple: your relationship broke down as a result of both of you (it is useless to blame only one person – someone responds to something ALSO factor). So if you run into your ex, just broke up, you are essentially asking her to revive what was not working! In other words, if a person (you) that came out of this relationship goes back to try again … how do you think about the chances of success? Pretty grim, I would say.

And here’s a tip: if something is not worked in the past, you need to change something, before returning back. Make sure that you will make such changes to get your girlfriend back.

5. be prepared. Take some time for yourself to reflect, ask yourself what it is that you can change in yourself in order to make you a better person to be with her. Do not waste time thinking about what someone else is needed to change about yourself – you have no control over other people, so this is a pointless exercise. Think only you. Be honest with yourself: do not miss the “ugly bits. Going back to a relationship, the” old “you, your chances of success will be much less than if you were a much improved person.

6. Accept the result. When you feel happy (or happier) and have self-confidence, and made changes (or commitment to change) within yourself, it’s time to go back to your ex, and test the water. Do not throw yourself on the floor and ask for a chance – it’s not attractive. Be cool, calm, confident and honest.

Do not be afraid to tell her how you feel (cold, does not mean that you cannot have feelings).Understand and accept that she will either say yes or no – or try not to take it personally. If your ex wants to spend some time alone, then you – or anyone else – have no right to deny that to her.

If she has found someone else and passed on, then do not blame the time you took to reflect: you needed to improve or otherwise, and your chances of getting a yes are much less than they are now (you can check my last post about the things to say to your girlfriend to get her back if you need more advice about this topic).
7. be positive and go! Once you understand and accept that things may work, then put these thoughts away neatly in the niche of your mind and think about them. Now it is the time to think about good things. Some things turn out the way you want them in your mind, and feel happy in the new and improved way. When you radiate with a healthy positive attitude, then it’s time to go and get your ex back.

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See you next time!